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Never loose a document again!

Index your physical objects (file cabinets, video tapes), your Web addresses, your electronic files, or your scanned documents.

No more duplication and confusion in your windows folders mazes and file cabinets.



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  • Save office space and organization time.
  • Retrieve and recover any document  in a snap.
  • Reduce your overhead
  • File automatically
  • Reproduce your office on a CD
  • Share your objects on the web.


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  • Create your own database, with any kind of fields: Memos, date, Yes/No, multi-choice look ups, retention, physical location, electronic file location.
  • The program reminds you about existing indexes when you index
  • You can link any document to your existing accounting, contact manager or HR system.


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  • Custom configurable
  • MS Access
  • Microsoft SQL, Oracle
  • Link with existing databases such PeopleSoft, Goldmine, etc..


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  • Quick retrieval by easy queries on any index or multi-choice fields.
  • Drill down your data, create a library of queries.
  • Execute any electronic file from DataGOLD
  • DataGOLD query can be called from any application. For example by pressing on a parcel number in a GIS system, you can display all the documents related to this parcel number.



  • Any archival of documents, employees files, checks, invoices, tax documents, faxes, internet addresses, GIS mapping systems.



  • Fast scanning, indexing, display, retrieval.


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  • Batch scanning, duplex, automatic document handling
  • Twain, ISIS, Resolution: From 200 dpi up to 2400 DPI.


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  • Warning to operator when it is time to burn a CDAG00345_.GIF (3461 bytes)
  • Creation of CD queries subsets with necessary objects and database records
  • Automatic creation of software viewer on CD.


  • Distribution and balancing of processes around networks,
  • Corporate, intranet or internet server.



  • Wintel, Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP. BS00092_.WMF (7974 bytes)
  • Twain or ISIS scanners
  • CD Juke box optional.

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