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Version 2.0

  • Scan documents or faxes, fill, file, annotate, organize, communicate.

  • Scan&TYPE processes easily all the documents coming to you, and boosts your organization and communication.

The easiest form filler

  • Scan. Use your Twain or ScanJet compatible scanner. Scan multipage documents. Enter the name of your client and the date, scan the new contract you just received from this client. Scan a request for information, fill in the form, fax it, and keep a record!
  • Import any fax or color image.
  • Add text with any font and justification. Variable horizontal and vertical spacing let's you adjust your text exactly on the form.
  • Fill. Move the cursor any place, type with any font.
  • Spell check. Spell check any text that is typed or selected.
  • Use check marks to fill your form, very useful for government, registration or application forms.
  • Save your data in ASCII or X-Base data base format


  • Multi-page multiforms can be displayed with different zooms, with cascade or tiling windows. Compare documents, provide a faster response to your customers.
  • Use thumbnail, fit to width, fit to height or magnifier mode


  • Draw freely with any color before transmiting the document to your co-worker
  • Highlight any part of the form with any color
  • Add a sticky note for important information
  • Add sound, chart, spreadsheet or any OLE 2.0 object
  • Signatures. Any color image can be imported, resized, move and placed on top of the form/image you fill. Ideal for diagrams, proposals, resumes, etc. Can be used for signing your own documents too!
  • Group object editing. Pick and choose any text or graphic, or a group of objects , click on the right mouse button to change the attributes of the objects or realign the objects.

Image manipulation

  • Deskew. Allows to keep the form straight after scanning
  • Flip, rotate, mirror, reverse, change color, custom resolution.

Setup tools

  • Data base creation. Fill your form one time and automatically create a template for repetitive filing, and save your information into X-Base data bases
  • Fields import. To save time setting up your field attributes, import existing table fields and attributes into your documents.


  • File and organize. Find exactly what you want when you want it! Each document can be indexed with any keyword.
  • Document properties. Title, Description, Author, Date, configurable keywords.
  • Search and retrieve quickly. Results of Queries can be displayed in several view modes, for easier retrieval. Standard queries can be saved and reused.
  • Autoindexing with automatic OCR available as option.
  • Macros, custom applications . The basic functions of Scan&TYPE can be called with simple macros from any data base application such as ACCESS, PARADOX, or dBASE for Windows.


  • Printing. ScanType prints on laser printers as well as on dot matrix printers supported by Windows. Data and annotation can be printed on existing preprinted forms. Data and form can be printed on plain paper.
  • Faxing. Receive a fax, display the fax on the screen, fill the fax, and send it directly from your computer.
  • Routing. Use popular electronic mail systems to transmit forms and annotations to your co-workers. Compatible with MicroSoft Mail MAPI and Lotus/IBM VIM CC:MAIL.


  • Accounting, (proof of delivery, warranty cards, RMAs), Leasing, Banking, Government, Manufacturing, Marketing, Users groups, Associations, Legal, etc.


  • File formats.
  • Forms and images are stored into PCX, DCX, TIF, BMP, GIF, TGA, WMF as Black and white, gray scale, or 256 colors. Forms can have 256 levels of color or gray scales. File cabinets and indexing are saved in dBASE format. Filled data is saved in dBASE format. ODBC compliant data bases.
  • System requirements
  • MicroSoft Windows 3.1 or higher. Personal computer using 386 or higher microprocessor. 8 Mb recommended. Any video adapter/graphics card and printer supported by Windows. HP ScanJet or any TWAIN compatible scanner. Network versions with routing capabilities available.


  • "It is a great program. It is a an excellent balance of simplicity and power and flexibility"- Henry A. Olinger, Jr, Indiana
  • "ScanType is doing a superb job "- Arthur Gray, Attorney, New York
  • "Your product is exactly what my agency was looking for. It has made our workload much easier"- Chris Samson, Resource for Family Developement, Livermore, CA
  • "A fun product"- George B. Hartley, Hartley Engineering, Calabash, NC
  • "This is one of the most useful programs that I have seen. It is simple, effective and easy to use"- John A. McNeill, Virginia Beach, VA
  • "A great product that fills an everyday need in every office! Thank!"- Zaine Ridling, Bloomington, IN
  • "Up and running fast"- Tom Lee, MelBourne, FL
GDI: (415)479-6935

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